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9 Inspirational Speeches

During the conference he will speak for you 9 top SEO specialists from Poland and the world.

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Cultural atmosphere

The theatrical environment will provide an intimate and cultural atmosphere. You will feel as in the show!

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Unique place and attractions

The event will take place in the heart of Warsaw! In addition to lectures, we also guarantee additional attractions.

AI Edition

Exceptional edition

During Third Edition Culturally, we will focus on the revolutionary application of SEO AI in SEO. We invited leading experts, innovators and practitioners to share their knowledge, best practices and the latest trends in the field. Join us to discover how AI can revolutionize your SEO strategy.

Who is the conference for?

Culturally, SEO is The first in Poland SEO conference organized on the stage of the theater. The whole event will be theatrical. We invite you to the event.

SEO specialists

Marketing specialists

Ecommerce Owners and Specialists

Heads of Marketing

Content Marketing Specialists


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The event will feature 12 distinguished speakers from Poland and other countires.

Robert Niechcial

In the SEO industry since 2004, an engineer since 2011, and always a data enthusiast. CTO at Vestigio. A lover of cutting-edge technologies, especially when they can be used for optimization. Focused on reverse engineering Google's algorithms. Conducts lectures and training sessions in Poland, as well as at the largest global SEO conferences.

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Robert Niechcial

An entrepreneur and SEO specialist with 16 years of experience. On a daily basis, he develops several ventures, including Senuto, an application for comprehensive SEO support. A speaker at dozens of conferences, author of several books, and dozens of industry articles. Damian specializes in using data in the SEO process.

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Robert Niechcial

An e-commerce marketing expert at OBI, responsible for driving traffic to the website, planning, and purchasing online advertising activities, as well as co-creating strategies to improve brand visibility in search engines. She has worked with global marketing agencies, supporting the online activities of well-known brands.

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Robert Niechcial

An SEO Project Manager at Performance Media with 7 years of experience. Responsible for planning, managing, and overseeing holistic SEO projects for corporate clients. On a personal note, he is an enthusiast of RPG and board games, as well as an amateur wildlife photographer and the author of the nature adventure blog przygodyprzyrody.pl.

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Tomasz Jeska

In the SEO industry since 2007, he has always operated under his own company. A true enthusiast and practitioner of topics related to artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and automation. He is known for his commitment to exploring alternative solutions. His company, 48 Media, owns several hundred constantly updated portals.

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Adam Chronister

The founder of the marketing agency Enleaf, his extensive experience and entrepreneurial mind have helped many companies achieve success. He has been featured in publications such as Market Watch, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Gareth Hoyle

With over 16 years of experience in link building, Gareth develops digital PR processes that continue to yield results despite the dynamic changes in the SEO industry. He currently executes projects with the help of a team of more than 20 people. Previously, he managed teams of over a hundred members.

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Pavel Klimakov

Pavel has 7 years of experience in the industry and is known as a leader in semantic SEO. He is the administrator of Holistic SEO, where he studies Google's algorithms based on patents and research papers. Pavel is also the owner of an agency.

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Julian Goldie

An entrepreneur, SEO expert, author, and trainer. Founder of a seven-figure link-building agency with a 50-person team on board. A leader in the fields of AI and SEO. He has published two books: "SEO Link Building Mastery" and "Agency Marketing Mastery." His courses on Udemy have attracted over 35,000 students. He also has more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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Karl Hudson & James Dooley

James is the CEO of PromoSEO, a leading lead generation agency, and the founder of FatRank. An active investor and philanthropist, he invests in startups and has also developed the largest digital real estate portfolio in the UK.

Karl is an SEO expert specializing in difficult and niche industries. He is also experienced in paid campaigns and scaling and managing teams. He helped one white-label brand achieve six-figure revenues.

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Jitendra Kumar Vaswani

The CEO of Digiexe.com and the founder of BloggersIdeas.com, he has conducted interviews with renowned industry leaders such as Neil Patel, Grant Cardone, and Rand Fishkin. His inspiring book, "Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom," became an international bestseller and has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide.

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Event plan

Speeches Topics & Attractions
Registration of participants
9:00 - 9:50
Welcoming participants
9:50 - 10:00
Conrado Moreno 🇵🇱
Keynote speech.
Robert Niechciał 🇵🇱
Practical application of language models for content scaling in e-commerce stores:the OBI.pl case study.
Damian Sałkowski, Dominika Jakubik, Paweł Warowny 🇵🇱
AI doesn't (yet) read minds. Maximizing potential after data enrichment. How I built a network of AI assistants not just for SEO.
Tomasz Jeska 🇵🇱
Q&A for the first 3 speeches
Coffee break & refreshments ☕ 🥐
ChatGPT SEO strategies: How I increased my SEO traffic by 7X with AI.
Julian Goldie 🇬🇧
Ask me anything.
Karl Hudson
& James Dooley 🇬🇧
ChatGPT affiliate marketing and how to use AI in your content sites.
Jitendra Kumar Vaswani 🇮🇳
Q&A for the next 3 speeches
Lunch break 🍽️
Delivering DigitalPR campaigns - with consistency.
Gareth Hoyle 🇬🇧
Semantic SEO Simplified.
Pavel Klimakov 🇪🇪
Unleashing AI potential: Mastering prompt hijacking, stacking, and automation.
Adam Chronister 🇺🇸
Q&A for the next 3 speeches
End of the conference part
Afterparty and Enclave 🎉
21:00 - 03:00
Corado Moreno

The event will be hosted by Conrado Moreno

Polish-Spanish speaker, media and television personality, actor and TV presenter.

Why is it worth taking part?

In addition to substantive lectures, we have prepared a number of additional meetings & attractions.

How were the previous editions?

See the short video report from the first edition of Culturally about SEO, which took place in 2022.
See the 2023 photo gallery

How do participants rate the event?

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249 EUR

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  • Welcome package

  • Coffee break

  • Finger foods

  • Recordings from the conference

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449 EUR

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599 EUR

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630 EUR

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  • Recordings from the conference

  • Mastermind with speakers (27.03)

  • Networking with speakers (27.03)

  • Dinner with speakers (27.03)

  • Dinner before afterparty (28.03)

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Participant feedback

See what the participants of previous editions have to say about us

A huge dose of knowledge, inspiration and professionalism. The event stands out from the rest not only for its unique venue, but also for the mass of information tailored to the current trends in the industry. It is an excellent way for experienced and novice specialists in the field of SEO, marketing or e-commerce to broaden their horizons. This is an opportunity to exchange experiences that will be useful to every participant in a dynamically changing market.

Marcin Gać

CEO @Orion Media Group

Participating at ‘Kulturalnie o SEO’ was a real highlight for me. This conference offers a great opportunity to network with Poland’s top SEO professionals and learn from internationally acknowledged speakers on stage.

Tim Soulo

CMO @Ahrefs

It was a delight speaking at Kulturalnie o SEO. It was an extremely well run conference and there were many personal touches that made the experience special. Highly recommended.

Kyle Roof

Co-Founder @Internet Marketing Gold

Kulturalnie o SEO is an incredible conference. As much effort goes into the agenda as goes into the networking events and venue choice. As a speaker, I thought it was all superbly well organized and as an attendee I got insane value out of the content and chats with other attendees. 

Stacey MacNaught


Conference Culturally about SEO is a great combination of networking and knowledge. The formula and venue of the conference means that, on the one hand, we can satisfy our need to exchange experiences with other participants, without missing the opportunity to listen to the most interesting SEO presentations. It is also a great place for speakers - understanding and at the same time demanding audience and supportive stage staff ensure that everyone gets the best out of their presentation.

Łukasz Rogala

SEO Strategist @VerticalSEO.io

Kulturalnie o SEO is undoubtedly the leading SEO conference in Poland. It features world-renowned speakers, top-notch presentations, and elements I particularly value – mastermind sessions and networking opportunities. If you're interested in SEO, this is an event you shouldn't miss!

Michael Rochwerger,

CEO & Founder @TrustLuna

The conference of exceptionally high academic caliber. Excellent organization and careful selection of speakers, ensuring a wealth of knowledge for individuals at all levels of expertise. I had the pleasure of presenting at this event in 2023, alongside many distinguished experts from around the world. It was an incredible experience, with full conceptual support from the organizers who maintained high quality of the presentations.

Zbigniew Stork

Head of SEO @Currency One

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an invoice?

The invoice will be sent to the address specified in the order after approximately 24 hours. If you have any questions about payment please contact info@kulturalnieoseo.pl.

Will I receive the ticket electronically or by mail?

No, there is no physical form of a conference ticket. Payment of registration is a confirmation of participation in the conference. On the day of the conference, it is enough to approach the registration point, where the name registration will be carried out.

When will I receive my package of goodies?

You will receive the package a week before the conference to the address that was indicated in the order.

Will the speeches be recorded?

Yes, the speeches will be recorded. You will receive the recordings up to 2 weeks after the conference.

When will I receive the details?

You will receive detailed information by email one week before the event.

Will the lectures be translated?

Yes, simultaneous translation will be available. A listening kit will be available for each participant.

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Venue of the event

The conference will be held at an iconic venue. Here, where the theater is now, there was a Relax cinema since 1951. The theater is located in the very center of Warsaw.

Scena Relax

Złota 8, 00-019 Warsaw